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About Parent Tales

We Are Your Village!

Parent Tales is a unique parenting programme created by Bright Life Family Centre (BLFC). We engage parents, those expecting to be parents and those planning parenthood, through various services that give knowledge, help to empower and lend the support needed for a successful parenting journey. 

How We Began

Parent Tales first began in 2016 as an online Facebook forum for parents. In its humble beginnings, the forum stood as an avenue for parents to openly share knowledge and ask questions about all types of parenting topics, while shedding light on the challenging and taboo topics.


In the first year of the forum's existence, Bright Life Family Centre saw the need to connect with parents in a much more personal way to improve the sharing and learning experience for parents. Parent Tales then evolved into a programme that provided monthly activities and events along with a weekly blog, that enhanced the supportive relationship between family/child-care professionals and parents. The programme was also structured in such a way that it would help to build resource links between parents and the resources they need from trusted service and product providers. Learn More About Bright Life Family Centre Here.

Our Takeover Plan

What would you say if we told you that we wanted to take over the world? No seriously, we really do! It's our intention to grow our parent community and to impact families from all over the world through our efforts! Our programme's services are aimed at providing a wholistic approach to helping members overcome any challenges they might face on their journey of parenting.


Our Goals:
1) To provide our members with opportunities for personal development and growth.
2) To build the bridge between members and the resources they need to nurture the next generation of world changers!

Because of our goals, we've structured our programme to offer the following services to all members:

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