About Parent Tales

Parent Tales is a growing community programme developed and powered by Bright Life Family Centre (BLFC), where parents and those planning parenthood, in particular, get to learn, share and grow with others alike (parents, caregivers and child/family care professionals) about the interesting and unpredictable journey of parenting. Besides our exciting parent events, we also produce a family blog and online forum to connect with and educate parent audiences in Barbados and surrounding regions. 


Features of Parent Tales


  • Parent Tales Family Blog

Our family blog reaches out to you with intriguing, educational and relatable reading materials that will bring you entertainment, encouragement and satisfaction. We hope to address a range of issues that you may face whether you're planning parenthood, are a new parent, a matured parent or have had trauma surrounding parenting and are seeking advice, answers, or enjoyment. Our loveable, and engaging Parent Bloggers are elated to share pockets of their lives with you and be oh so real as they give their invaluable knowledge and advice.


  • Parents Tales Community Events 

Parent Tales is also connecting with parents in Barbados and in surrounding regions through educational & training events, helping them to gain the knowledge and skills needed for their journey as parents. Events such as our Parent Lounge Events (psycho-educational workshops with a fun twist), Parent Seminars & Webinars, Parent Retreats, Parent Expos and Conferences are just some of the unique avenues in which Parent Tales uses to connect with targeted parent groups. 


  • Therapeutic
    Besides fun practical training, our educative events all include therapeutic components and provide free accessible speed counselling services geared towards helping parents to 
    de-stress and unwind as well as gain empowerment in areas they lack courage. 


  • Live Forums
    We provide all participants at our events and members online, with a welcoming environment for open discussion and free sharing of ideas. We believe that we can all learn valuable lessons from each other’s experiences and can even be encouraged through the familiarity and the ability to relate to each other’s journeys as parents, caregivers and expert professionals (who work with families and children). 


  • Resource Links
    Building links and bridges is another key goal of our activities and events. Our aim is to help parents connect to the resources they need as we provide opportunities for them to access service and product providers that could potentially enhance their lives as parents. 


Meet Our Teams


Parent Tales Community Team

Tricia Hercules

Founder, Programme Director

Makiba Neblett
Assistant Programme Director; Events Coordinator

Shontelle Tull
Marketing & Promotional Assistant


Parent Tales Blog Team

Tanesha Baptiste

Blog Assistant | Barbados

Kathillia Edghill
Staff Blogger |

Reneika Bradshaw

Parent Blogger | Barbados

Deborah Waldron
Parent Blogger | 

Kelly-Ann Cato 
Parent Blogger | 



  • Admin & Accounts Assistant

  • Blog Team Lead

  • Events Coordinator

  • Sales Account Managers - Blog (3)

  • Digital Marketing Coordinator

  • Social Media Coordinator

  • Marketing Team Lead

  • Marketing & Promotional Assistants (2)



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