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How I Tricked My Body Thin In 9 Weeks (Part 1)

I’m no weight loss guru. I’m just a busy mom who lost 19 pounds in 9 weeks and went from feeling weak and lethargic most days to suddenly feeling the urge to be on my feet and moving around. Instead of telling you everything I ate I’m going to tell you how I figured out what dietary lifestyle worked for me so that you can hopefully find what works for you too.

Step 1: Diet Experiments

A diet, i.e the kind of food you habitually eat, can be made up of very different ratios of fats, carbs, proteins and sugars and so I tried many different combinations of ratios to discover:

  • Which foods made me bloat

  • Which foods made me feel lethargic

  • Which foods didn’t make me gain weight

For you, what you are testing for may vary from mine, it’s all about what you are concerned about. If you don’t care about bloating but care about some other factor feel free to focus on that.

My first go-around was a low carb, low calorie (1,500 a day) diet which was helping me lose weight but if I had one or two cheat days I gained the weight back. Then, I tried a high protein diet without calorie counting, I felt less hungry than on the low carb/low calorie diet but I’d lose weight in a few days and just gain it back as quickly. I see-sawed for months… then my father died after being bedridden by numerous strokes. It was then that I decided that I needed to be healthy at all costs because I never want my children to ever have to see me the way I saw my dad suffering. I tell you, the biggest determiner of the success of your diet is the value YOU place on your WHY.

“Why are you changing the way you eat?”

Quick Tip: “If you don’t actually place great value on health, you will get nowhere quickly. Find your real WHY.”

So after I found my reason to keep going, I stumbled into a winner – “Intermittent Fasting”, which meant not eating for large chunks of time, and it’s said to be really good for those with problems of insulin resistance. So if I ate anything at 8:00 p.m., I’d wait until 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. the next morning to eat again. The hours in between were mostly my sleep time, which made it pretty easy to maintain this style of eating. I swapped this intermittent fasting style of eating with my absolute favourite diet style which I’ll explain below.

Just a little side note – the real reason for switching up diets is to trick my body before it can adjust.

The second style of eating I use, the one I absolutely love, is what I like to call “The Large Kill Of The Day Meal”, which is when you eat lots of healthy fats and protein in one high calorie meal. The key is to eat this meal early enough in the day to give your body time to process it, but not so early that you’d need to eat a meal again. This type of meal should replace two average meals; lunch and dinner and I usually have it between 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. and snack later in the day on healthy things like nuts and fruit.

The third eating style that I use and switch with is a “Low Sugar Diet”. I do cheat socially, but when I’m going to eat something with a reasonable amount of sugar, it has to be counteracted with lots of protein and ginger which is anti-inflammatory and lots of cinnamon which helps reduce blood glucose levels.

Step 2: Bring Your Mind To The Table

Now that I’ve talked about WHY, WHEN and WHAT I eat, I’ve got to mention HOW I eat. I try to eat slowly, as it takes our bodies around twenty minutes after being full to register it. If you eat until you feel full, then you’ve already overeaten. If you think you are too hungry to slow down then drink as much water as you can before you eat. Sometimes what our bodies will interpret as hunger is actually thirst. Try the water test first, I dare you!

Quick Tip: “Still on the topic of HOW I eat… try giving your food your full attention whenever possible.”

Respecting your food means choosing to focus on the pleasure of the moment while eating instead of clicking through social media pages and tv binges. The mind has to be involved in any diet change, so whenever you eat be sure to engage your mind, don’t ‘check out’ and your meals will be more aromatic, more flavourful and of course more fulling which means you will crave less.

For cheat lists and great ideas on beating the cravings and kickstarting a better metabolism stay tuned for Part Two (2) of my post, coming out next month. Until then… Happy eating! Don't forget to join our mailing list to receive all our updates!

Let us know how our dieting styles and quick tips work for you in the comment section below! Remember, before starting any new diet regimen or program please check with your medical doctor and clear any diet changes with them before beginning.

Petula Miller Parent Blogger

Petula is a busy mom of three, and the author of “How The Grumpy Pants Were Destroyed“. She is also incredibly concerned with encouraging healthy and happy purpose driven lifestyles.

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