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You VS. Father's Day

So you’re lounging at home and it’s a Tuesday night. You have convinced yourself that this Tuesday night is like any other, yet unlike any other. Then you turn on the television or go online and it finally dawns upon you…it’s the Tuesday before Father’s day!

You proceed to contemplate. “What can I get him?”

A twelve pack of socks? No. Did that last year.

A card wishing him the appropriate salutations of the day? Nope, too boring. You’re possibly hyperventilating right about now… Oh! Oh! How about a cake? Nah, you want to give him something that will last a bit longer. Cake is just seems too elementary.

You want something with sentimental value, uniqueness, yet attesting to the relationship you have with him, as well as his character. But what? It’s at this point that you- whether a partner, a son or a daughter throw your hands in the air; it’s an age old question…yet you ask yourself it every year and usually to no avail.

It’s an age old question…yet there is no one perfect answer.

One major step is acceptance. Accept that you aren’t sure of what to get him and admit that YOU NEED SOME HELP. Don’t be afraid to browse the World Wide Web, it really helps. If you’re looking for a commonality in all the gifts that may appear before you in your search, here is what it is: functionality.

Margaret Rucker, a consumer psychologist at the University of California, Davis was featured in a New York Times post which explored the psychology of gift giving says,

“men are typically more price-conscious and practical when it comes to the gifts they give and get, while women tend to be more concerned about giving and receiving gifts with emotional significance”.

So if you think that a “functional” gift is too mainstream for your dad or partner, you cannot be further from the truth, as a ‘mainstream’ gift would be much more appreciated.

So here are our Top 10 Mainstream Gift Ideas for you:

1. A shaving set or grooming kit.

2. A bold piece of clothing.

Try a Hawaiian printed shirt and pants, even a cool pair of shades, a palm oriented tie or a statement belt made of straw, dyed leather and how about the buckle eh?

3. A digital camera for a man who likes to take pictures the good old fashion way.

4. Chicer sneakers.

5. A watch.

Whether it is modern (Apple Watch) or a traditional one (gold with a round face).

6. Books.

Try books within the comedic or action genre which speak specifically to the challenges of being a man or Christian based literature aimed at strengthening your father or partner’s relationship with God.

A waterproof notebook that “survives all terrain” for the outdoors dad.

8. Hardware tools.

9. Weight lifting set.

10. Wireless earphones.

These can be used for jogging, which encourages him to have a healthier lifestyle.

What if you don’t have any money?

Many persons may prefer to not give a gift based on the sole fact that they are low on funds, however they are many gift ideas which, unlike the previously mentioned ones fall under the category of DIY (Do It Yourself).

The aim of these gifts is to create a special, hand-crafted, affordable gift using products found in the convenience of your own home, the $1 or $3 store and by no means least; fit your budget!

YouTube is a good place to consult for help.

Here are 5 DIY gifts that will still make Dad smile, as seen on YouTube:

1. Beer Jelly or Jam.

It’s all about presenting him with new ways to savour his favourite drink!

2. Cookies or cakes arranged to spell ‘DAD’.

This is super creative, cheap and tasty all at the same time! You can even use food dye to get the icing, batter or dough to be his favourite colours.

3. A homemade shaving oil complete with a decorated bottle.

Search online to find out how to make shaving oil from scratch at home! The possibilities are endless and can range from being scented, relaxing or even cater to sensitive skin, whereas, a simple glass jar (from the $3 store or recycled from your personal belongings), can be decorated however you choose. One recipe is part olive oil and grape seed oil with a few drops of essential oil for a relaxing finish.

4. A picture frame, glue stick and some cool looking rocks.

It may seem strange but this is all that is needed to create a rock decorated picture frame. You can put any picture inside or even a quote.

5. Transform an old box into a “Dad’s Survival Pack”.

Whether it’s the cardboard box that holds the coffee or an old shoe box, there is still more in store for it. Yes, this box was destined for greatness! Apply a layer of white paint. Let it dry. Then apply another layer of paint in Dad’s favourite colour. Let it dry. You can apply as many coats as you like or even throw in a few of your own ideas. Let the creativity in you flow. Next, collect all of his favourite snacks and fit them neatly into the painted box. Voila!

Dad’s Survival Day Kit. Watch the tutorial to learn how.

It may seem silly, getting a gift that isn’t as sophisticated as a mass-produced one, however, Dr. Langer, who was also featured in the New York Times article says that:

“Gift giving is the most obvious way a partner can show interest, strengthen a bond or even signal that a relationship should end”. The article continues by quoting Dr. McGrath (the associate dean of the graduate school of business at Loyola), “Who is on your gift list is telling you who is important in your life. It says who is more important and who is less important”.

The article also states, “Giving to others reinforces our feelingAll Postss for them and makes us feel effective and caring”.

So giving the Dad in your life a gift not only reinforces your feelings for them, tells you who is important but also acts as a waving red flag which speaks to the state of the relationship between you and your partner, or even between the child and their dad. Do you agree?

So your homework is to look up what God, biblical persons and by extension the Bible has to say about gift giving and what can be pleasing and uplifting to the Dad in your life.

Don’t forget to comment below to share your thoughts; after all the Parent Tales Family Community encourages discussion.

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Jovona Johnson Staff Blogger

Jovona is many things, including a walking contradiction. She likes change but loathes it at the same time. As a young writer, for the last 2 years Jovona has been using this outlet as a way of written expression to influence her audience and communicate her innermost thoughts, She is a feminist and a Christian (yes it’s possible) and wants more than anything to give back by allowing people a safe space to speak their mind. In a nutshell, she is trying to be the best at anything she sets her heart to.

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