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Just Keep Swimming- New Year's Purpose

Dory!! The blue and yellow happy go lucky fish has one motto that we can all live by “Just Keep swimming!” Well we can switch it up a bit because I’m sure we have heard this encouragement in more ways than one, some time before.

》》Just keep going” Never Stop! Never quit! Don’t give up! Keep at It! Keep trying and the list goes on…..

On the couch last Saturday, bored with nothing to do (imagine that) especially since my son was too busy watching ELMO to bother about spending time, I decided to watch the animation Finding Dory on my phone. What was supposed to be just a funny animation for the sole purpose of entertainment, became a major source of encouragement.

Now here’s a little fun down for those of you who know nothing about the movie. (spoiler alert!) Now poor little Dory had a shortcoming that she had been battling with all her life, that of short term memory loss. In spite of that “limitation” however, she had people in her life who pushed and motivated her to look beyond her limitations, encouraging her to believe that she could do anything she put her mind to.

Long story short, Dory used this information to find her parents once again after having lost them for so long. On the journey, she was discouraged, had pitfalls, believed the negative and had momentary thoughts of giving up but what she always remembered despite her shortcoming was her mother’s advice; just keep swimming!!!! ….and so she did. What was the result? She found them! Well she lost her friends as well ..but…she found them too!

We have made it past the end of another year. For some, it was a year of success and for others it was a year of deep potholes and road bumps, hardships, failures or even the inability to overcome a shortcoming. Even though this may be so, the simple “mind over matter” slogan can be employed. It may be so right now but nothing lasts forever; I’ll go through with the constant hope of great results. I will keep swimming.

As I reflect, last year too had been a rocky one for me. I have struggled and am still struggling with a short coming, I am going through some financial difficulties and I have felt like a failure as a parent and struggled with anger but you know what? I’ve purposed in my mind to press on despite these and the feeling of hope is wonderful. I look at my son and I see a measure of success in my being a mom, he is healthy, well fed, happy and doing well.

I chose to see the good despite the bad which we so often neglect to do. I hope to one day see my son become a successful, God fearing young man. Therefore, like Dory who held on to the hope of being reunited with her family, I will let hope push me.

Now I know all may not like the thought of New Year’s resolutions so let’s call it ‘purpose.’ For 2017, let us all purpose in our hearts to press on, never quit, keep at it. Keep giving of your best at parenting, nurturing, being a wife or husband, your job, your studies etc. Knowing that if we be faithful with a little, we will be blessed greater. You can do it!

Like Dory, I implore you to Just Keep Swimming!!

How’s that for motivation in this new year? Go ahead, start the conversation and leave a comment for this blogger below.

Reneika Bradshaw Parent Blogger

At 25 years old, Reneika has gained a wealth of experience as she traversed through the harsh ‘jungle of life’ throughout the years. Being a young mother and having to learn how to cope day by day, her journey up until this day, has been a bitter-sweet one. With a love and a passion for seeing people succeed, she has no reservation with using her stories to empower those who need to hear.

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