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Don't Be A Grumpy Cat Parent Take A Load Off!

The children are off on holiday but your role never does, it’s like you can never turn the parent switch off and though this may be true you can still find ways to take a load off. I’m not a parent at the moment, yet, it fights me to take moments for myself; how much more you who have demanding dependents.

Dependents with their own thoughts and ideas who think that the only reason mummy and daddy exist is to respond to their beck and call. How do you manage this? You take a load off!

I admit, making time for rest is hard! I guilt trip myself into thinking that if I take a few moments to relax those moments will cost me a lot when I decide to get up. That’s an ungodly belief I’ve been working through because rest is a godly component of our makeup as human beings.

Is this something you are currently battling? Your mind and body cry out for just a few minutes to unplug from the hustle and bustle of life but you choose to go into overdrive, which has the potential to lead to burn out a feeling some of us know all too well.

“Find rest my soul, in Christ alone. Know His power in quietness and trust. When the oceans rise and thunders roar, I will soar with you above the storm. Father You are King over the flood, I will be still; know You are God.” – Hillsong

Not giving yourself a moment to come up for air sends a message of self-sufficiency. That choice says, I’m confident in my own ability to make and reproduce my own energy so I don’t need my Creator’s natural remedy of recuperation as He intended for me.

Deciding not to take a few moments to gather ourselves also implies that “the storm” is greater than He who is in the storm – it says that our to-do list is more important than our temple and our trust is in the madness because it’s all we see happening around us.

Trusting in our burnt out body is a primary mistake we all make from time to time. We often get caught up in the cares of life (which are all important) but none of which can be accomplished if our bodies are not able to accomplish the work.

Our bodies may be willing yet unable.

As this easter holiday season quickly comes to an end, be intentional about unplugging and recharging. It means some tough decisions will have to be made concerning goals. It may also mean some rescheduling and shuffling around to ensure you’re catching up on adequate rest so that you can be useful to yourself AND your household.

No one likes a grumpy mama or papa so do yourself some good and take a load off!

Toughing it out doesn’t mean everything gets cut from the program of things to get done, however, it could mean choosing to stay indoors one night, maybe two nights a week.

It may look like enlisting the help of godmothers or godfathers, from nanas and papas; even friends with your children. And because I know you all have well-behaved children, I’m sure someone will be willing to lend a hand :D.

Secondly, it’s okay to ask for help!

Position yourself to willingly ask for help when the need arises and be okay with it. Every now and then the cape needs to be hung up and the super powers turned off so that super mum and dad can recharge.

Society has painted a picture which promotes the fast-paced culture of “go, go, go – regardless of how you feel it must be done.” In addition, society may say – it must get done with or without someone else. Truth is, we were made to flourish in community – we need others to thrive!

Community also aids in taking a load off because once we let people in, they’re able to keep us accountable when life is getting out of hand. Take a moment now to think about who you have in your corner and how you all sharpen and enhance each other.

Are you burnt out and suffering from the same symptoms? Are you walking around the same mountain of excessive tiredness? Change is on the horizon!

Here is my challenge for you:

1. Choose a day which you’re most likely to have a freer schedule than usual. If that’s looking impossible – great! This is your opportunity to ask for help 🙂 On this day I’d like for you to earnestly take stock of where you’re at in all spheres of your life: Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Emotionally.

2. Next, identify what you’ll need to overcome those challenges and propel you to the next step of wholeness.

3. Create a list of people who you know can assist you in reaching the next level make an intentional effort to connect with them. The reason you are connecting is to build community.

4. Community is about sharing resources – those folk who were marching around the mountain with you, connect with them and be the change agent in your community. Encourage them to take a load off as well and bear all with them by walking them through how you take a few moments to gather your thoughts and didn’t feel guilty about it.

Say goodbye to “grumpy cat parenting”; when you take the time to take care of yourself with a better rest schedule, those in your care will be better for it. Slot it into the calendar of events if you have to because it is THAT important! Take the Load off!

Happy Holidays!

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Shaquille Haynes

Staff Blogger

Shaquille Haynes is a creative at heart with a passion for providing people with practical tools to live their best lives! Her love for people is evident in her career choice as she is a practising tourism professional. Among other things, she is an avid writer/ blogger, dancer, butterfly lover and food connoisseur. She finds great joy in serving those she mentors, mastering DIY projects and colouring the world purple 🙂

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