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Comfort On Father's Day

Today is Father’s Day and I know for some people this is cause for MAJOR celebration! I am quite excited myself, as I know it is a time where I get to celebrate my Papa in an extra-special way; however, I also know that for some people this occasion is really difficult.

I wanted to use this forum to speak to those who struggle around Father’s Day. Some of you probably grew up without a father, or your relationship with a father figure may not have been the most positive or loving experience. You may not have been loved well by this person, or worse, been deeply hurt or violated by him.

Therefore, I know that although Father’s Day may involve joyfulness and warm, fuzzy feelings for some of us, for others it can be emotionally draining, tear-filled and honestly just down-right difficult.

I want you to know that if you did not have a positive, stable father figure growing up, I see you and I empathize with your pain. The heartache you feel is not irrational, so I pray that you don’t feel as though it is. I know that you may struggle with memories you wish you could have shared with your Daddy, but you were never given that opportunity, and that is truly a difficult reality to live with.

I get that it may anger you to see others with healthy relationships with their fathers, and this may evoke feelings of jealousy or envy, and that is also completely normal. If you struggle with forgiving your father or father figure for not being good parent to you, the emotions that are involved in this for you are completely justified.

Two of the sweetest reassurances I can offer you are that:

1) You are not alone. And…

2) Even if you feel fatherless, I promise you, you are not.

When you become a Christian, you become adopted into the family of God, and in Psalm 68:5 we are lovingly reminded that God is a Father to the fatherless. Whether your Dad passed away, was not around or just wasn’t very good to you, I want to gently reassure you that you have a Heavenly Father who is constant, and well aware of every intimate detail of your life. He has been with you your entire life, whether you knew it or not.

When you cry, He catches your tears in a bottle (Psalm 56:8) and comforts your soul. When you are angry and upset, He is still there sitting right with you through all of it. When you have no strength to face all that days like Father’s Day encompass, His grace is sufficient and His strength is made perfect in your weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9).

I do not know the intimate details of the challenges that Father’s Day may hold for you, but I know that The Lord does. I pray that as you prepare to face this day, your heart would be strengthened and you would be confident in knowing you can feel all the emotions that you do, while also knowing that you do not have to drown yourself in them.

I pray that God would truly heal your heart and the wounds you have, and that you would begin to know in your heart of hearts that you will always have a Father who loves and cares deeply for you. Be kind to yourself, you deserve to.

Kathilia speaks directly to those who struggle and are hurting this Father’s Day. We pray that this post did indeed impact your heart and that you allow the God of all comfort to bring you peace on this Day. Don’t forget to Subscribe to our newsletter below or even share a comforting word yourself with those who are hurting in the comment section below.

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