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Covid-19 Lockdown Was My Potty Training Saviour

Updated: May 10, 2020

One of the earliest lessons I learnt as a mother is that at every stage of your child’s development there is a challenge, but at the end of the day no challenge is insurmountable even though it may seem so at the time. This outlook has really saved me time and time again and it has kept me grounded over the last three years of motherhood. However, the biggest hurdle that really put this outlook to the test was potty training. Now I know there are no grown men out there still in Huggies walking around but I really was starting to dismay with this one.Our attempts at potty training started when our son was around two and a half years old and it was a big flop. Our son just wouldn’t say when he needed to go. It also didn’t help that we weren’t as consistent as we needed to be and then we got really frustrated by the multiple accidents. His teacher at nursery was working with him but he was putting up a good fight and it came to the point when every child in his class had mastered it except him. Not even class rivalry made him budge on this point. He wasn’t bothered by being labelled the “baby”. He just wasn’t ready and he wasn’t budging!

We were told to be patient and we were reminded that boys take longer than girls to master this task. In spite of all of this I was really getting worried because I also knew that no pre-school would accept him unless he was potty trained and I had already informed my husband and his teacher that he would probably be continuing at his current daycare until January 2021. And then Covid-19 came and knocked the world upside down. It came to the point where we were all home because of the lockdown and immediately I knew this was the time to focus on potty training – it was now or never. LOL. The first few days we had accidents of course and then by day 4 it clicked and he was the one telling us when he needed to go as opposed to us having to intervene. “Number two” was a bit more challenging and for the first week I had a few brown undies to wash but then he mastered that one too and now I see the light at the end of the tunnel. The Covid-19 lockdown helped all three of us to give potty training the focus it required. It was different from vacation time because we usually still send him to daycare even though we’re off from work. The lockdown was just what we needed to make it happen. What task have you been putting off because it wasn’t the time? Or maybe you started

and didn’t get it done? Maybe now’s the time to give it a shot – it worked for me! PS. A week before the lockdown I hustled down to PriceSmart to buy a box of diapers before things got crazy. A month later, the box is still untouched.

Julia Thorington Parent Blogger & Journalist Julia Deanne Thorington is a self-proclaimed extroverted introvert who is a librarian and student services practitioner by profession. A fun-loving, married mother of one, she is an avid reader and social media follower. On any given Sunday she can be found serving at the altar at Christ Church Parish Church where she is a devoted member. For her, the glass is always half full, rather than half empty and she strongly believes that a little with contentment is great gain.

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