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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Hi everyone! What a time to be alive! Also, what a blessing it is to be alive. Amidst all of the hardships and trials we still have so much to be grateful for. Stop... take a second... and find three things you are grateful for. (Feel free to share with us as well in the comment section below.) At this juncture, it feels as though the world has stopped turning. Everything has come to an abrupt halt and we are stuck. Yup! Stuck! When last have you had a curfew? What madness?! We however need to stay on the positive side of being stuck. We may be stuck at home, but we are privileged to be stuck with our families. We are stuck with food. We are stuck with water. We are stuck with the internet and devices to keep us in touch with other loved ones. We are stuck with a roof over our heads. Okay this sounds all fine and dandy, but the reality is, I just wanted you to take some time out to acknowledge the blessings bestowed upon you. You are blessed. Now let us get a little more real. Being stuck with children comes with the entire spectrum of feelings and emotions; from utter bewilderment, to a surreal joy and fulfilment, to everything in between. That being said, what do we do in those dismal moments where you contemplate life in its entirety and the decision made to have your little one(s)? How do we occupy the tiny hands that never get tired getting into stuffs? Yes stuffs, because they trouble EVERYTHING!

Something that our family enjoys is trying new recipes, as well as some old ones that we haven’t had the time to prepare for a long time.

Get those little hands dirty in the kitchen and serve it up! This may not work for all ages. However, this is just one of many suggestions you can find on our website to keep the little ones occupied. Guaranteed the entire family will enjoy the process; and absolutely no doubt you will enjoy the finished product.

Some popular favourites are: cookies (all types), banana bread, fruit smoothies and rotis. I am sure you have seen these pictures posted daily by friends and family members all over their social media pages and timelines. Everyone is suddenly a chef. Why not you?

Let the next post be yours, with your little ones proudly displaying their creations. Share with us some of your favourite treats and recipes below. Here is one of mine. Deborah Walrond​ Parent Blogger

Deborah Walrond is a daughter, a sister and a mother of two children. She is a teacher by profession, who has a love for baking, cooking, reading, writing, the beach and appreciates all types of exercising. Deborah loves interacting with people, with a particular passion for children. With God at the forefront of her life, anything that follows after is well done

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