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Thank You Dad

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

One of the prominent events which we all celebrate in the month of June is Father’s Day. I know that this day can hold a mix of emotions for many people, for one reason or another, yet my hope is that in anticipation of this day, we can all find some sense of thankfulness and love for the fathers we have and the ones that others may have lost.

When I think about fatherhood I think of a man who protects and loves his children fiercely. I think of a man who is present, a man who is selfless, and a man who always has the best interest of his children at heart. Fathers are not perfect, but there is so much to be said for a father that chooses to show up for his children and love them in the best ways they know how. For those of you who have lost a father, and for those who had a father that was never present and no father figures around, I know this day may hold some very real grief and sadness for you, and in this space, I want you to know that I see you.

Please know that the complexities of emotions which you may feel in this season are understandable, and are okay. My hope for you is that you are comforted by The Lord, and that you are reminded that even if your earthly father was absent, God never was and never will be. Finally, for those of you who still have your father alive and doing life with you, I encourage you to love on him, especially in the season of Father’s Day. Think of all the ways he continues to love you well, show up for you, and show you just how much he cares for you and your well-being.

Thank you to the fathers who choose to still stick around even when parenthood gets tough. Thank you to the fathers who raise their children with Godly values and instill a love for God and His people in his children. Thank you to the fathers who purpose within themselves to be safe havens for their children, where they can come when they are in the valleys, on the

mountain tops, or in between. Thank you to the fathers who welcome and encourage both their sons and daughters to be vulnerable, transparent, & authentic. Thank you to the fathers who encourage their children to be assertive, advocate for themselves, and to use their voice. Thank you to the fathers who even when you aren’t perfect and you fall short, you still choose to stay and to love your children with all the wisdom and strength The Lord lends to you. You are seen, you are loved, and you are deeply appreciated. Kathilia Edghill

Staff Blogger

Kathilia Edghill is a creative soul from the island of Barbados. She is an avid Mental

Health advocate, she is an Individual, Couples and Family Therapist, and the

founder of Wings of Grace Counselling. Kathilia loves Jesus, her family, and the


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