Support Groups

We know it isn't easy on your journey of parenting regardless of the stage you are at. 
This is why we have combined our best interactive, educational and therapeutic components together to enhance our entire support group experience. Gain knowledge, strength, healing and

the skills you need to rise above your challenges. Find your village here!

  • Support for Single Parents... We Are Your Village!

    Started Jan 27

    150 Barbadian dollars
  • General support group for Parents ...We Are Your Village!

    Started Jan 29

    $150 (1) or $280 (2)
  • For those who've experienced pregnancy loss and or stillbirth!

    Started Jan 30

    $150 (1) or $280 (2)
  • Support for Parents with disabled children... We Are Your Village!

    $150 per participant

If you're parenting on your own and need a supportive tribe to help encourage and empower you, then find it here!

If you need a listening ear with much encouragement and empowerment along the way then this group is for you!

If you've had a loss in pregnancy or stillbirth, find strength and healing here!

Find support and insight as you navigate parenting a child with a physical or learning disability/challenge here!


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#3 Welches Gardens, St. Michael, BB 11090



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