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An Open Note From An 18 Year Old To All Parents

From the moment the egg is fertilized, an unforgiving, inevitable process begins: “Growth”; which commences at the very same moment a person’s “Life” does.

Just think about it, we experience this phenomenal experience in a series of stages, we acquire the lessons, skills and knowledge needed in the fundamental phases so as to be successful in the final ones.

Usually, preparation results in perfect performance (as my former teachers would say), but as we all know; Life always throws curveballs.

So what if one of these curveballs life throws at your own continual growth and success … is you?

Sometimes in the process of being a great Mum or Dad you neglect, if not sacrifice your own personal self-development for that of your little bundle(s) of joy. Although in some cases there’s nothing wrong with that, most of the time it is done in the extreme. As a parent you need to grow too; so that you can continually ensure your child’s own growth, develop your own healthy parenting style and teach your child/ren to be unafraid and accepting of self-progression; So here goes… From my small gatherings of wisdom and knowledge over the last few years, I’ve written down some key points on how you can ensure continual growth and development for yourself.


There is a mundane routine every single individual tries to build and for parents, gaining this routine means they have achieved some form of stability, for there is comfort in knowing how each day is going to play out. However, routine also means monotony which then leads to the elimination of risks, spontaneity, as well as the chance to test your own capabilities.

Therefore, endeavour to try new things, new activities, pursue different interests. The challenge doesn’t have to be big; it just has to be something you never dreamt of doing; ever in your wildest dreams.

For some, it could be getting fitter, eating healthier or even taking an art class for you who weigh everything in dollars and cents.


One of the many beauties of the Bible is its uncanny tendency to impart not only great truth but unfathomable knowledge. God and His word assist in self-discovery, feeding and even healing the unseen parts of our souls. There is the book of Proverbs which teaches that we should hearken unto his word, writing them unto the tablet of our hearts. There’s Ecclesiastes, which teaches that a life without God is meaningless. Then there are the Psalms, which teaches us about praise and thanksgiving and that we should seek God’s protection among many other important things of life. From this I can assure you that a life with God puts everything you into perspective.


A thought of adding this under the previous key point did cross my mind but I dismissed it, as forgiving others is not easy at all. How do I know? I still remember the time my twin sister ate alllllll of a chocolate bar which we promised to share. Nowadays, I buy chocolate bars and eat all in front of her- hmph!

The fact that I’m unable to let this trivial event go makes me question how hard it is for other people to let go of bigger and much more serious or traumatic experiences… I could only conclude one answer: HARD.

Some people don’t forgive the ones who hurt them, thus never freeing themselves from the situation and without even realising it solidify their role in life as “the victim” who’s going through life with burdens. It affects your relationships, emotions, your drive and sometimes your performance.

Imagine an individual who is travelling on a road to home, with unnecessary items; following an old, out-dated map…getting home takes a lot longer. I urge you to practice forgiveness.


I think one of the saddest things is to be an adult who is unhappy with their life because of an unachieved life’s dream, whether it is work-related or a personal, spiritual or physical goal.

There was a period when I would ask adults a question along the lines of “Do you like what you do”, or another famous one that I’ve noticed isn’t a question proposed to adults anymore is, “What do you want to be when you grow up”.

The responses to my inquiry especially one stranger’s answer to that question made my heart fall a little and it made me link adulthood with ‘the absence of dreaming’; the first time I viewed adulthood as a grey place was that time.

Have you stopped dreaming? More importantly, have you stopped pursuing your dreams? Alas, not all dreams will become a reality all at once, but they can over time; so don’t forsake them all-together.

At my UWI orientation one of the presenters said a phrase, “Life Happens” and I whole-heartedly agreed but don’ let that be the reason you stop pursuing your dreams for when life happens it still continues and SO SHOULD YOU! So Get Ready… Set…… and Grow!

I really hope my tips were helpful and also uplifting.

Happy Parent Tales Tuesday Mums & Dads!

Comment your thoughts or leave updates on how Jovona's key tips have helped you. Tell a fellow parent too.

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