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Welcome! It's A Parent Thing

Isn’t love just a wonderful thing? And not to mention that feeling you get when you first realize that someone else cares and wants to take care of you. That peaceful feeling of belongingness that puts you at ease wherever you are, because you know, that everything will be just fine… Cue* the violin music… mmmm.

Ok… Ok! This seems too much like a fantasy. Doesn’t it?

Now I’m sure that many of you parents out there may have that caring and understanding partner, who might be willing to take the time to smell the flowers on a frangipani tree with you, but we all know that “parent life” can get difficult many many times over and it’s not always a peachy ride. Then adding to that equation, the fact that many of you have got no other responsible parent or adult around, who’s willing to look out for you or furthermore ensure that you’ve got everything you need on your journey as a parent.

In another scenario, you might be the parent probably thinking that you can or have been taking care of yourself and your child/ren all on your own…ha! That’s possibly the oldest phrase in the book… so to you, who think this way, can you absolutely say that you’ve been getting your down time each week? Or getting enough hours of sleep… or have been eating right? or have been remembering to feed your kids in the morning?

Have you been successful at all these things and more, while still slaying your parent role every… single… day? Well if it’s still a yes, then YAY YOU!! But what if you’ve got nothing but NOs to most or all of my questions? Then you my friend, have automatically become a member (along with thousands of other moms and dads across the planet) of a club I like to call “The Desperate Parent Surviving Club” and you risk serving up the big o’ meal of self destruction in a downward spiral that only leads to chronic frustration and agitation, weariness and poor parenting.

The Parent Tales Family Community

Now I know that that might sound pretty dread but the good news is that you’re not doomed, nor is “The Desperate Parent Surviving Club” as terrible as it sounds. It just means that you’re going to need to get connected to a good support system and the sooner you do the better your circumstance will be; As the old wives’ tale goes “it takes a village to raise a child”, and oh how true that is. Any parent out there that’s not a member of this club… if you ask them, they will surely tell you that they’ve had help in some way, form or fashion along the way to help keep their child/ren alive and they’ve most likely gotten the support they needed from a more experienced parent, or from some other non-parenting person simply wanting to love on them.

So parents of the Desperate Parent Surviving Club, hear ye! hear ye! Don’t fight the fight on your own. You are going to have to connect to a village or in this case a community that will surely give you the help and support you need.

So think more seriously about it. Who or what are your support systems?

Your support system can be a person like a caring family member or family friend, or even a child care professional, a family counsellor or social worker. It can also be an “avenue of learning” that allows you to learn more about parenting such as good parenting book or online media such as this blog. The Parent Tales Family Blog is just a small piece of the puzzle that fits into the wider community of the Parent Tales Family Community.

This blog is the perfect avenue for parents who find themselves in a parenting struggle or simply wound up in the newness of their parenting journey. Simply put, It’s a parent thing… and we want to help as many parents as we can even those in need of a little pick me up! Whatever the situation or problem, we are eager to explore the promising solutions with you and being a reader makes you an extra special part of our growing parenting and family community.

We hope to be inspiring, encouraging, fascinating, intriguing, educating, entertaining, create memories with you as we share all about the exhausting yet wonderful journey of parenting and family life in the most relatable and interesting ways possible. We’re promoting positivity, morality and Godliness and we’re promoting influential dads, and moms, care-givers and childcare/family professionals who are working tirelessly within our community to brew the next generation of awesome world leaders and world changers.

So Welcome to the Parent Tales Family Blog! Connect with us where ever we are. Share Learn and Grow with us. Our community is open and waiting to help you be the best parent you can be! Join our mailing list to receive all our updates!

Tricia Hercules Founder of Parent Tales

Tricia is the director and counsellor at Bright Life Family Centre and founder of the Parent Tales Family Community. She created Parent Tales to help support, educate and equip parents in Barbados and across the region on their unique journey of Parenting. She’s fun, witty, a lover of God and totally in love with the work she does daily helping Individuals and their families to thrive!

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